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Upgrade of Present Facilities

Moving to a new location? Or simply need a facility makeover? Perhaps you just want to upgrade or improve a section of your workflow? Whatever your requirement is, just let us know and our expert team will take care of the rest.
We can take you from SD to HD, add more editing suites, or just add new LCD displays to your control rooms. This is just a sampling of the many ways our experts can upgrade your existing systems.
Whether you are moving to a new location or want your current location to feel brand new, Kontakt has the solution to your needs.


High quality, targeted training is the key to your company’s future success and growth, particularly at times of change. We understand that an important part of any project is to create and implement an effective training plan so that our customers can maximize the potential from day one of operation.
We offer a comprehensive range of training packages and consultancy services aimed at enabling our customers to adapt quickly to the rapid changing broadcast environment.
Types of Training :
We typically offer the following key categories:
:: Technology Seminars
Seminars are an invaluable method of introducing a new technology, as well as understanding traditional technologies. Companies can ensure that their staff understand the latest jargon, employ the most up to date methods and practices, and fully participate in the current thinking in their industry. Technology courses are geared towards a much broader audience that other courses making them as suitable for the managers as they would be for the operators, technicians and engineers.
:: Familiarization Sessions
These sessions are designed to assist staff to gain an understanding of new systems and technologies quickly. These familiarization sessions are less than conventional training courses and are generally conducted in front of the system and in small groups. The sessions provide a broad overview of the system functionality and workflow, and explain the features and facilities of the individual system components. Practical guided exercised are included where practicable. Familiarization sessions can be carried out on the customer’s system or at an appropriate off site location.
:: Operational Training
Operational courses provide comprehensive training to enable operators to gain optimum use of the equipment and maximize operational benefits. The focus of these courses is to arm delegates with the knowledge required to understand the functionality and workflow required to maximize productivity. Operational Training can also be arranged for Third Party Equipment.
:: Maintenance Training
These courses give staff the skills and know-how to enable them to ensure correct operation of Kontakt equipment. First-line maintenance training focuses on preventative procedures and is designed to enhance third party support agreements.
:: Project Specific
Kontakt also manages training for large system integration projects such as studios, outside broadcast vehicles and infrastructures projects including archives and transmission systems. The training is coordinated closely with project delivery team and the project plan so that the staff are trained and fully prepared prior to the system going on-air. The benefit of contracting such a programme from Kontakt is that all the training components will be delivered seamlessly and integrated into the overall project or programme plan.
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