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Portable LED Lighting Kit
AceMate has introduced an innovative Portable LED Lighting Kit that can go along with ENG/EFP Camcorders. This is great for outdoor shoots where there is a challenge of LESS Light & NO Power in most of the locations. This battery powered LED Lights can be used for long hours with light intensity in par with indoor studio lights.

LED lights are very robust, long-lasting, cool and energy-efficient. It can last for 50,000 hrs. It is an ideal substitute to high power consuming studio lights as LED lights consume less power. Moreover the light intensity is closer to the Studio Cool Lights.
LLK-50x2 Accessories
LLK-50x2 | Features :
  • Flight case with Wheels for portability.
  • 2 sets of LED Lights of 50W.
  • Includes essential accessories for outdoor needs
  • V-Mount batteries for outdoor use
  • Lighting Stand and C-clamps provided for different mounting options
Product Specifications of LLK-50x2                                                       Portable LED Lighting Kit content
   No of LEDS   578
   Power   50W
   Color temperature  5600K
   Control   Hand
   Beam Angel   60°
   Dimmer   0% - 100%
   CRI   > 90
   LED bulbs life   50,000 hours
   Switch   on/off
   AC power supply   100V - 245V 4pins
   Power input (Portable)   14.8V DC Camcorder Battery
   Working temperature   -10°C to 30°C
   Fixed   Tripod / Hang
   Volume   300 x 300 x 50mm
   Weight (each LED light)   2.5kg
         - Complete system with flight case   26kg
   Acemate 50W LED Light x 2 sets
   4 Leaf Barndoor x 2
   Diffuser x 2
   Lighting Stand x 2
   Spigot x 2
   C-Clamp x 2
   Battery x 2
   Battery Charger x 2
   AC Adaptor x 2
   Flight Case x 1
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