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Radio Studio & FM Transmitters
It’s essential to plan the infrastructure of your station to fit your programming needs. The endless list from structural work (the choice of premises, studios layouts, supporting facilities, M+E requirements, studio construction – isolation and internal acoustic treatment, interface to phone system providers, internet and office IT systems, studio to transmitter link, transmitter location, coverage, power and antennae requirements.) to corporate growth (recruitment and training) & maintenance supports, Kontakt is your source of expertise to keep away from complicacy.
Filming constitutes the usage of a wide range of facilities and equipment. From specialist cameras & gears for simple film-making to heavy duty equipments (lightings; sound recording equipments, high definition camcorders, cranes, etc) for major movie production, Kontakt has the full array of equipment to fulfill your filming needs.
Audio Recording Studio
At Kontakt, we specialize in the design and integration of such multi-room facilities and possess the experience and know-how necessary to complete a first-rate audio studio. Our integration team works hard to ensure the acoustics of a new studio are of world class quality and precision. Selecting only the top brands of microphones, mixing boards, speakers, and other essential components, we guarantee accurate audio every time.
Studio Lighting
No modern stage production, musical show, entertainment program, TV program, or feature or documentary film is imaginable without professionally set lights, special effects and lighting equipment. To meet our clients’ requirements fully, Kontakt has launched a package of new professional services, including the design and supply of lighting systems, and the complex equipment of media-industry facilities with lighting gear.

In regards to lighting for cinema and TV, this will include lighting equipment for studio and exterior shooting, control and feed systems, fixtures and suspensions, and complex solutions for technical and filming tasks of any complexity. Lighting for the stage and dancing floors include limelights, smart gear and diode lamps, professional stage lasers, light effects generators and control systems, as well as a wide choice of special stage materials, light filters, lamps, accessories and expendable materials manufactured by leading producers recording.

Whatever your requirements are, we have the solution.
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